Friday, 12 March 2010

The Horse Boy

I am reading Rupert Isaacson's book The Horse Boy while skiing in Val d' Isere and I am struck by the infinite human capacity to overcome challenges and make changes to our circumstances in an extraordinary way.

The Horse Boy is an unbelievable journey for two people who desire to offer a better life to their son who suffers from autism. It portrays the actual link between humans and animals and outlines that the world of autism can sit closer to understanding animals than those of us who are not gifted in this way. I was, in my own way, comparing this to my initial tremendous fear of skiing after my late introduction to the sport resulted in a fairly serious injury and a pathological fear of a set of skis in the most ordinary slopes.

Fighting and overcoming fear is a great achievement. Dreaming of, believing in, being relentless in the pursuit of a goal such as that achieved by Rupert and his wife Kristin for their son Rowan is an inspiration to us all who live ordinary lives and have so much to be thankful for. Rather than looking for something new and different, it should drive us to be thankful everyday for what we have got and allow ourselves to appreciate fully the beauty of the people and the world that surround us!

Thank you for giving an Irishman not born on the slopes to fully comprehend the magnificent world which we live in, and the fun, joy and new found capability of taking a great sport to the edge.


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