Friday, 5 February 2010

There is no silver bullet in learning Leadership

Is there such a thing as pure Leadership? I was trying to decipher President Obama's Healthcare reforms and listening to the many dissenting voices who were vociferous in their condemnation. If you listen to what Obama says you cannot help but be convinced by the merits of his argument, yet a sizable proportion of Americans are opposed. Now, I understand and appreciate the monetary and commercial realities of the situation, but do we truly believe in the purity of his argument? Or are we shaded by prejudices and experiences to believe that he is a left- wing democrat who will destroy the land of the free by adopting European socialist policies that are good enough for off shore democracy's, but not fit for an economy that is structured on choice, consumerism, a man's right to carry arms and healthcare for those who can afford it.

Call me naive, but I still feel that people generally do things for the right reason. Leaders have to make tough decision. It is a leader's duty and obligation to look to the welfare of all, and that it is a sad indictment of a modern economy that people just cannot afford healthcare. I would also suggest that the American economy needs to reshape, innovate, reset its priorities and adopt a radical programme of change from its current froth of commercialisation, if it is indeed not going to end its reign of one of the world's great economies. That would be a shame, and a dereliction of its responsibilities. The world needs a vibrant America, not the decaying commercial and moral corpse we have today. I hope that the leadership is there to drive the right angle changes. Healthcare is but one step.


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