Thursday, 25 February 2010

Brain Dead

The last couple of weeks in Australia have educated me on a couple of interesting things. Firstly, the opportunity to have an outdoor life has to be one of life’s great advantages and secondly, how connected the world really is. I have always considered that I am fairly hard wired to work, but the level of sustained effort I was able to maintain on my travels makes me query where the balance comes into play. Do today’s leaders need so much coaching because of the relentless march of the machine connections? Are our lives now entirely ruled by technology that Orwell’s prediction has secretly slipped past us and we are now in this twilight world and nobody has told us? Are we now being morphed into one big machine where the world is one colossal entity being managed by some alien interloper who every so often allows us two weeks off only if we have our blackberry on so that the surveillance and GPS can track us constantly?
Maybe we should take our chips out (not the kind you eat) and say today: now I am going to be me. I am capable of switching off all the phones, TVs, laptops, sat nav etc. and be in touch with no one but myself. Ah, the sense of freedom! But, will my brain be so stressed by the backup of meaningless emails, social network updates, latest x factor voting that it will never be so?


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