Thursday, 28 January 2010

Too Many Snouts in the Trough

Is there such a thing as a trustworthy organisation? I ask this question as an organisation is a collection of people, traditions, processes, written and unwritten rules, systems, customers, suppliers and varying voices. When we analyse and segment all these elements, we would say they are all designed for a purpose and the general intent is usually good and honest.

How then, do we find it so hard to trust business, governments and public bodies? Is the greed and avarice of a few capable of blinding and corrupting the many? Surely the Voices of the Employees, the Voices of the Customer and the Voices of the general Leadership are capable of rising up and regulating the minority malcontent and corrupters to comply through peers or self regulation. Why is it that we singularly fail to hold accountable those who breach the trust of the many? Could it be that we secretly aspire to the same breaches and are probably to frightened or coward that it is easy to allow decadence to flourish?

My request to us all, as we once again have made good promises for 2010, is that we include a little aspiration, that we root out the weeds and demonstrate that we will no longer tolerate those who know only too well how to feed off the efforts of others.


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