Friday, 8 January 2010

A Skiing Experience

Skiing in the French Alps is an exhilarating experience with that sense of freedom, rush of wind, element of risk, stretching yourself with different terrain, building your confidence as your learning increases, the application of the right proportion of speed, control, manoeuvrability, adaptability to the underlying surface and that sense of satisfaction as you complete the challenge. For many of us who fall over frequently, pick ourselves up, and apply greater determination!

In skiing, as in life, it's the learning and application of that learning that makes you a better person. If leadership is your game, there is no silver bullet, other than that constant learning and practice.


Gary Watson said...

Agreed. the value of learning, on balance, exists in the application of it to help others or enage with those around you (and the environment in which you find yourself). Learning for it's own sake (perhaps with some exceptions in the field of the spiritual) is like having a fantastic wine cellar but neer inviting people to dinner.

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