Friday, 22 January 2010

I was deeply saddened by the BBC programme Desert Island Disks and the star performer Morrissey . There was nothing positive in anything he had to say and his main focus was on the role death and suicide played in life. I often wonder why people see so little positive in life and fail to embrace the wonderful opportunities that are presented to us. His views that self destruction was honourable was delivered in such a sad way that you had to wonder how individuals in the public eye can be such poor role models. "If you reach 50 and are not at one with yourself then you're in serious trouble," he told the UK BBC Radio 4 programme. He also revealed that he'd had thoughts about suicide and death and his delivery was so morbid I was depressed by it all. I was recently talking to a young employee who had left a previous business to join one of our businesses. She did share with me the 10 years of pain she suffered from a serie of business managers who believed management was telling and correcting.

In his trademark melancholy style, Morrissey told interviewer Kirsty Young that "nothing comforts me". But he appeared to take comfort in being unconventional. "I was considered to be unbalanced, which helped me greatly, because it confirmed everything I knew. I didn't want to grow up to be anything I knew". Morrissey spent much of the interview discussing his aversion to settling down to a conventional life with a partner."I don't want to be any kind of a happy couple with a photograph on the television set. I find it embarrassing. You have to get involved with other people's relatives and great aunt Bessies and all of that and I'd rather not. I'm 50 years old now and a pattern emerges and I accept that and I don't mind at all. I would have to take the bed because going to bed is the highlight of everybody's day … we love to go to sleep. It's the brother of death."

Wow, I am glad I do not live his life! Here is a story that shows me there are still people with many faults who, despite adversity, try and do the right thing.


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