Friday, 6 November 2009

Too busy being a leader

In a radio programme in the UK I listened to Rabbi Pete Tobias providing a thought for the day.

He referenced the 50th anniversary of the M1 motorway and the new faster pedestrian crossings at Oxford Circus. His point in my mind was that speed to destinations has begun to dominate our lives, and we have forgotten it’s about the journey. I could not help but relate that to a group of senior managers I was meeting this morning whose hunger was for the latest leadership fad, or silver bullet that they could put in their toolkit to impress their team/peers boss etc.

Leadership is a life long journey, and no matter how good we are, there are always things we can learn about ourselves and our behaviours. Leaders should not be all knowing, and should not focus on the speed they can cross the surface, but on ensuring they understand, engage and pay attention to the environment they are in at that moment in time. Too often our horizon has all our attention, and the enjoyment, challenge and innovation opportunities are lost, because we are too busy being leaders.


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