Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Duffy Chaos Intrapreneur

The Duffy Chaos Intrapreneur will, by definition, embody the same characteristics as the Entrepreneur, conviction, passion, and drive.

The Duffy credo for chaos intrapreneur will build business models that tend to be inclusive, multicentric, adaptive and distributive. These chaos intrapreneurs take organisations that are complex, nonlinear dynamic and far from equilibrium systems, whose future performance cannot be predicted by its past or current events or actions, and create a force that allows them to become circular whilst:
1) simultaneously behaving in both an unpredictable (chaotic) and patterned (orderly) fashion;
2) introducing new system practices that can actively change both the unpredictable and orderly in tandem or in silos;
3) working in a manner that reshapes and adapts the business simultaneously to events that are occurring or about to occur.

The new business model will ultimately be strongly cohesive due to its unshakable focus on common purpose and core principles and values. We notice in many of our studies that current business models fail to produce positive results because they fail to understand the pervasive, underlying motivation of every person– the need to experience greater levels of positive energy, the need to feel a sense of engagements and an emotional investment in the business at a deep level. The failure of leaders to understand this basic, innate motivation of every person keeps businesses in a cycle of inefficiency and is the innovation killer.

Organisations that foster a climate where an employee can operate as an intrapreneur will see an increase in personal initiative, effort and resourcefulness. All of your goals can be understood in terms of energy and emotional engagement. This can only can only be achieved by the new leaders that know whilst innovation is the silver bullet, engaged emotional change that embraces the emotional needs of the workforce will achieve the brilliant results that are needed to create real impactful and sustainable change.


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